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Keeping Your Family Out of Court and Conflict

Schroeder Law Group

Jim Schroeder returned to Brown County in 2019 to be closer to family and opened an office in Sardinia after a long-tenured practice in New Jersey and the Northeast.

Who will raise your children if you pass away unexpectedly?

How will the State divide my assets if I do not have an estate plan?

Will the nursing home take the family farm if we don't have an estate plan?

How do I file for probate?

Where do I get answers to keep my family out of Court and conflict?

Schedule your strategy session to get the answers you need.

Available Services

Everyone has a plan until the get punched in the mouth - Mike Tyson

Let me help you develop a plan that will survive the worst trials of life - Jim Schroeder


Estate Planning Strategy Session

Our process begins with a strategy session.  The purpose of the strategy session is for you to have time to discuss your specific circumstances and issues with Mr. Schroeder.  Mr. Schroeder will take time to ask questions and to educate you about the law and your situation.  

The fee for the one-hour attorney session is $300.  The $300 fee will be applied as a credit to any estate planning documents you require.  

Sadly many people never get started in preparing an estate plan and it creates a mess for their loved ones.  In the worst situations families fight it out in Court over relatively small amounts of money and make litigation attorneys rich while wrecking the family.

Invest in peace of mind and protecting your family from confusion, conflict and Court.

Probate Strategy Session

Navigating the process of probating a will or being appointed as an administrator for someone who did not have a will can be confusing.  There are multiple Court forms that need to be submitted, some estates even require the personal representative to be bonded. Setting up an estate account and transferring real estate can become complicated.  It can quickly become overwhelming and very time-consuming for someone who has not been through the process before.

Invest an hour with Mr. Schroeder to clear the confusion and put together a plan for probate so you can get the assets of the estate where they need to be quickly and correctly.

The fee for the one-hour attorney session is $300.  This hour will save you tens of hours and hundreds of dollars - make an investment in doing things right!

Schedule your Planning Strategy Session today

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